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Rob Kirkbride

Rob Kirkbride

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AFP Featured in the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter

Every week, the Chamber of Manitowoc County features one of its members in the Chamber Notebook, a column in the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter newspaper. This month, AFP was proud to be featured, with the column highlighting the work that we've done and the products that we manufacture.

Making Offices More Beautiful, One Slice at a Time

By Rob Kirkbride

AFP is a supplier or high-end veneers, but in recent years, it has added some light assembly for its customers. So instead of simply making the beautiful wood veneers, it is also making desktops for some, case goods for others- all expertly covered in the company's signature veneer products. 


The Monday Morning Quarterback, a highly influential and respected trade publication in the contract furniture industry, recently profiled Architectural Forest Products and how the business has been bringing technology and beauty to wood for the past 25 years.