Architectural Forest Products

Burger Boat: Various exotic and domestic veneers.

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Architectural Forest Products

The AFP campus

2763 18th Street
PO Box 282
Two Rivers, WI 54241
T 920-793-4404
F 920-793-4003

Name Title Phone Email
Ken Krings CEO 920-793-4404
Jason Krings President 920-793-4404 ext.304
Shannon McDonough Director of Operations 920-793-4404 ext.301
Robert Gutbrod Safety Engineer 920-793-4404 ext.330
Kate Mott Sales Manager 920-793-4404 ext.321
Carrie Swetlik Purchasing 920-793-4404 ext.309
Shane Nechodomu Sales Engineer 920-793-4404 ext.314
Joseph Kurth Sales Associate 920-793-4404 ext.308
Scott Nickels Engineering/Quality Manager 920-793-4404 ext.315
Rick Balzan Human Resources 920-905-0543

Architectural Forest Products is a member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute.

Architectural Forest Products Inc.

2763 18TH ST BOX 282 TWO RIVERS WI 54241
T 920 793-4404
F 920 793-4003